Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC.


Personality Assessments, Skills Testing, and Talent Development

Corra Group is delighted to announce our association with Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC, a leading provider of in-depth work style & Personality Testing and Assessments, Skills Testing, and Talent Development. Corra Group's clients can take advantage of our strategic partnership with Lighthouse to provide a total solution for pre-employment screening.

Lighthouse Skills Testing Service is an expanded division of Lighthouse Consulting Services, L.L.C, which has been offering Custom Programs for Testing Assessments and Talent Development. The expanded division of Lighthouse Testing Service offers a comprehensive catalog of online skills tests designed to help employers reduce the high costs often realized in hiring and training the wrong applicants.

The Lighthouse Skills Tests are industry accepted and are essential in confirming and comparing the skill levels of your different job candidates. These tests are available at employer demand and can be completed in your own office within thirty minutes. Test results return immediately and the completed tests are easy to comprehend.

The Lighthouse Skills Test are extremely cost-effective. Pricing ranges from $22.50 to less than $100.00 per test. Tests include the assessment of Office Software Skills, Professional and Language Skills, as well as behavior assessments such as Honesty and Work Ethics. You can review the types of skills test that would fit your employment requirements.

The Lighthouse Skills Sets Testing Service is best Combined with Corra Group Background Checks for Employment Screening for optimum coverage.

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