Connecticut Motor Vehicle Records

Get access to Connecticut motor vehicle records directly from the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Corra offers motor vehicle records (MVRS) for Connecticut commercial driver's licenses and non-commercial drivers. Results are available instantly with a Corra Group Background Screening Business Account. Connecticut MVR abstracts include license status, license class, accidents, driving under the influence, suspensions, evading responsibility and license revocations. Save time managing your fleet with Corra's background screening connection to instant Connecticut driver's license reports.   Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Details

State: Connecticut
Access Fee: Corra Price + $18.00
Turnaround Time:  Instant. Available with your Corra Employment Screening Account
License Format:  9 Numeric, 1st two positions are month of birth in odd or even year. 01-12 Jan-Dec
Data Required:  Connecticut Driver's License Number, Driver Last Name
 Notes:  CT DMV does not provide license issue date.
 Release Form Type: 

Standard Release Form

 Moving Violations:  3 Years
 DUI, Driving under suspicion, evading responsibility :  10 Years
 Suspensions:  Infinite; until driver's license is restored
 Are Points Reported?: 


 Are Accidents Report?:  No
 Will Connecticut suspend license for Unpaid OS convictions?:  Only on FTA
Active License Terminology VALID

Screen Connecticut DOT Commercial Drivers for Compliance

Motor Vehicle Records (MVRS) searches are a powerful background screening tool for employers and insurers. Stay in compliance with local and federal laws and safeguard your fleet from potential liability. When you need a more complete background check on your job applicant, consider running a nationwide criminal search, or a hand pulled county criminal search. You require Drug Testing and DOT Physical Exams? We got it. Corra gives you access to our comprehensive background screening services, all available from your online business account. Your applicant's MVR integrates easily with the complete background report, giving you the information you need to make an informed hiring decision. Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

Re-Screen Your Drivers with ease

Our software makes it easy to re-screen your drivers for compliance purposes. Set the clock with our recurring screening feature, and we'll help you monitor candidates eligible for review. Keep up to date on your fleets driving records, convictions, and license revocations.

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To learn more how Corra can help you with your background screening needs, please contact us at or call us at 310.524.9800. We can customize any background search to meet your unique needs. We offer volume pricing, no signup fees, and no minimum orders.