Guam Motor Vehicle Record Driving Abstract Information

Corra offers Guam (Gu�han) motor vehicle records on non-commercial drivers and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers with Guam licenses. We access official driving records directly from Guam's Driver's License Examination Branch of the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation. Guam utilizes a statewide reporting system, and Guam Motor Vehicle Records abstracts provide documentation of substantiating status and validity of Guam Driver's Licenses. There is an additional state imposed charge of $1.00 per violation on the report. Turnaround time for Guam driver's licenses MVRs is 50 to 60 business days. We work directly with the Guam Motor Vehicle Division to provide you with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Driver's History abstract reports accidents, suspensions, driving under the influence offenses, and license revocations.   Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

Guam Driver's License information

Guam's population includes a significant US Military presence. Stateside driver's may apply for a Guam Driver's License for various reasons. New licensees are reviewed for prior DUI offenses in their previous states prior to license issuance.
Repeat Offenders - 2nd or subsequent offenses within 5 years.
Felony DUI - 3rd degree felony on 3rd or subsequent DUI offenses within 5 years.

Guam Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Details

State: Guam
 State Access Fee: $5.00 plus Guam imposed $1.00 per violation charge
Turnaround Time:  50 to 60 business days
License Format:  1 Alphabetic, 14 Numeric
Data Required:  Guam Driver's License Number

Screen Drivers with Guam Commercial Drivers Licenses for DOT Compliance

With Corra's background screening software, your Guam motor vehicle driving records integrate with your job applicant's entire background screening report, which can include criminal history, employment verification, credit history, and much more background check options. In addition, you can customize your Corra Background Check Account to notify you when your drivers need to be screened again. Keep up to date on your fleets driving records, convictions, and license revocations. Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

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