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Illinois Driving Records

Order Illinois Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)
Employment Driving Records CDLS

3 - 55 years worth of motor vehicle records: Accidents, Moving Violations, DUIs, Suspensions, etc
Volume Pricing Available
No Sign Up Fees. No Subscription Fees.
No Contract Required.

As part of a complete background check, running your job applicant's Illinois driving history will give you piece of mind and keep you in compliance with the US Department of Transportation.'s Motor Vehicle Records reports tap directly into the Illinois Secretary of State, Vehicle Services Department for Driver Records for employment purposes. Illinois MVRs includes DUIs, accidents, license suspensions, driving under the influence offenses, license revocations, convictions and additional information for CDL drivers.

Illinois Motor Vehicle Record Details

Access Fee: $12.00
Turnaround Time:  Instant
License Format:  1 Alphabetic, 7 Numeric
Data Required:  Driver's License #, Last Name

 Years Reported:  4 to 55 years (see below)
Accidents 4 to 4.5 years from date of conviction (unless fatality, then 5 years)
Moving Violations 3 years from violation date
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) 3 years from violation date
Commercial Motor Vehicle Serious Violation 10 years from violation date
Leaving Scene of Accident 55 Years past the conviction date
Felony Convictions 55 Years past the conviction date
CDL other serious convictions (any vehicle) 10 years past reinstatement date
CDL Minor convictions 3 years past conviction date
CDL Accidents 10 years past date of accident
CDL Withdrawal Actions 55 years past withdrawal date or
3 years past reinstatement date

Screen Illinois DOT Commercial Drivers for Compliance
With Corra's background screening software, your Illinois motor vehicle driving records integrate with your job applicant's entire background screening report, which can include DOT Drug Testing, DOT Employment Verifications, criminal background checks, credit history, and much more. In addition, you can customize your Corra Background Check Account to notify you when your drivers need to be screened again. Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.