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Riverside County, CA Criminal Records Search

Corra Group is the premier provider of Riverside County, CA criminal records. Our expert court researchers conduct hand pulled searches of the Riverside County courthouses for criminal records. Searches go back at least seven years and contain felony and misdemeanor records. Our research provides information regarding case numbers, filing dates, defendants, disposition, disposition dates and sentencing information. Returns offender information in an easy to comprehend format.

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Riverside County Seal Graphic Riverside County Statistics
Founded : 1893
County Seat: Riverside
Population: 1,545,387 (est) (2000)

Riverside County Criminal Search
Sample Report

Sample County Criminal Search
Subject Information:
Name: Rotten, Aaron
AKA: Johnny Rotten, Williamson
SSN: 999-88-XXXX
Date of birth: 03/03/19XX
County/State: Riverside, CA
Criminal Records :
Case #: 51-1542-23
Charge: Burglary
Type of crime: Felony
Sentence: 5 Years in Prison
Fines: $1,000
Disposition Date: 12/11/19XX
Arrest Date: 04/21/19XX
File Date: 03/05/19XX
Disposition: Guilty
Probation: 3 Years
Prison time: 5 Years
Note: Verified by name and date of birth

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Riverside County Criminal Records Search