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ZIP Code Lookup by City or County

Use our handy ZIP Code Lookup tool to research or cross-reference County or City information. If you are ordering county criminal records as part of an investigative background check, it is important to identity the counties were your research subject has resided or conducted business. Reviewing a social security number trace report will show the areas where you subject has resided as well as the associated counties. Sometimes ZIP Code can border other counties so it can be worthwhile to order criminal record checks in adjoining counties. County level criminal records are retrieved by hand by experienced court researchers from the County Superior and Municipal Courthouses. The records include Felonies and Misdemeanors, and searches go back at least 7 years per FCRA regulations. This is the most accurate way to check your employment candidates for a possible criminal history. In order to determine which Counties to conduct your criminal searches in, we recommend using our County ZIP Code Look up reference tool.

Use this Menu referencing tool to locate Counties by ZIP CODE or by City name.

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ZIP Code County Look up